Dark, Cold and Wet

That’s right, my friends! Fall has arrived in Chicago. This morning I woke up to run at 6 AM and it was misty, dark and about 51 degrees. I was thrilled! No exaggeration. I LOVE running when it’s cold. It was really difficult for me to continue my workout routine in the summer. Summer is for swimming and going to the beach and drinking ice cold cocktails. 90 degree weather with 99% humidity is not for running, but that’s just me. You workout in the winter to look good in the summer 😉

So out of bed I crawled, excited to get outside. I usually use the Nike + app on my phone, but it has been sucking lately. I decided to just get out there and not worry about how many miles or how fast I ran. I popped 3 Reece’s Pieces in my mouth, opened the door, inhaled some fresh air and pounded pavement.

Not going to lie, it was probably one of my favorite runs. Not too many people were out and when the sun started coming up, everything looked beautiful! Nature has a way of speaking to you (cheesy, I know), when you least expect it. The wet grass and colorful leaves all said “Good morning, Emily! Welcome to autumn.”

Next up, baking something pumpkin!


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