Liam’s 3rd Birthday Cake

This is actually the same exact recipe as my 31st birthday cake found here. I’m sorry I don’t have pictures showing the process but it’s hard taking pictures of myself and I made this early in the morning before anyone was up.

And I felt I still needed to blog about it 🙂 This was a lot easier than it looks, I’m sure. I liked that I could be sloppy with the frosting because it’s a volcano. Doesn’t have to be perfect. And instead of using 4 tiers, I saved a little extra cake batter to fill another small pan to make it 5 tiers and to look more like a volcano. I was going to use dry ice, but too much stress. So, if you want to make this cake, feel free to use dry ice in the top tier, all you do is place a shot glass inside the top tier with the dry ice so it doesn’t ruin the cake. And for the “lava” I just used powdered sugar and a tiny bit of milk and food coloring to make it red/orange. Pour it over the top and voila! Gravity does the rest.

I got the dinosaurs at Dollar Tree and the #3 candle at Target. I would also recommend using some sort of support in the cake because 5 tiers is tall! I used a wooden kabob stick which worked perfectly. I put it in after all the tiers were on and frosted.

Here’s Liam super excited to eat his birthday cake!

P.S.- I know I’ve been slacking in the blogging world. I have something in the works, though so please stay tuned! I’m very excited for my next baking adventures 😉

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