Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

It’s that time of year guys! Everything is pumpkin! And these cookies are perfect for sugar lovers everywhere 🙂 To me, they are the perfect fall cookie with a pumpkin spice flavor and powdered sugar glaze on top. Bonus, they are easy to make! So go get a pumpkin spice latte, turn on your oven and let’s bake!

What you will need:

Cookie sheet lined with parchment paper or Silpat

4 cups all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice
1/2 cup unsalted butter at room temp
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup pumpkin puree
1 cup granulated sugar (plus more for flattening)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 large eggs

For the glaze:

3 cups powdered sugar
4 tablespoons water
1 tablespoon light corn syrup

Preheat oven to 350. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, baking soda, cream of tartar, salt and spice. Set aside. In another large bowl, beat together the butter, oil, pumpkin, sugar and vanilla. Beat in the eggs until combined. Slowly pour in the flour mixture until dough forms.

Scoop onto prepared baking sheet and flatten using the bottom of a glass. See picture below.

Press the bottom of the glass in sugar before pressing down the cookies so it doesn’t stick. Bake for 8-9 minutes. Allow to cool a minute on baking sheet before transferring to a wire rack.

While cookies are cooling, stir together all ingredients to make the glaze. Drizzle over the cooling cookies. The glaze will harden after about 30 minutes.


Store covered at room temp or in the fridge.